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Who the Hell is Mike Reardon

  Who the Hell is Mike Reardon Mike Reardon and The Repairman Series, Crime-Action-Adventure Novels by L. J. Martin Mike Reardon received a general discharge from the Marine Corps after ten years of service. Why a General? Not an honorable or dishonorable? He took umbrage when some Haji […]

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Quiet Ops Release – A great action adventure

Quiet Ops

Friends, I have some awesome news and a favor to ask. I just released a great action adventure, “Quiet Ops”, Co-written with real life bounty hunter Bob Burton. With over 3,000 captures Bob is America’s top bounty hunter. To create buzz for Quiet Ops I am doing […]

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Against The Wild

HOW THE BRODIE BROTHERS WERE BORN   With ten or more reality shows about Alaska, it’s becoming clear that word is out on this magnificent jewel of a state. A lifelong dream of mine was to drive there–a more than five-thousand mile journey from my home in […]

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Why Jump Into The Rat Race of Publishing

  After 30 years of writing and over 30 book length works, dozens of short stories and articles, a blog with over 3,500 postings, a half-dozen screenplays (one of them optioned) and helping my wife become an NYT best-selling, internationally published romantic suspense author (who’s convinced I’m […]

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