Cooking Wild & Wonderful, by L. J. Martin
 Synopsis –  L. J. Martin has been a cook most of his life, since age 8, and cooked his way through college as a lunch fry cook for 1,600. He’s owned restaurants and cooked in hunt camps in the high Sierras and Rockies. This cook book has lots of narrative for those of you who like stories with your strudel.ISBN: 978-1885339331
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing

l. j. martin



About Larry: L. J. Martin has written 20 novels, 5 non-fiction works, and is published in a number of periodicals. Prior to becoming a writer he was a real estate broker, specializing in farms, ranches, and development properties and selling internationally.
He was also a licensed appraiser and contractor. Born and raised in the oil and ag town of Bakersfield, CA, and hailing from a long line of Okies, Missourians, and Texans, he’s traveled extensively for both work and pleasure. He’s married to an internationally published romantic suspense and historical romance author, and now lives in Montana.
His interests include reading, writing, hunting, fishing, photography, gardening, and travel. His passions, other than his wife, are his children and grandchildren, politics, history, and his country.