Mr. Pettigrew

Mr Pettigrew

Nearly starved, missing half a leg, Beau Boone stumbles out of a cattle car into the hell on wheels Transcontinental Railroad town of Nemesis, and into gunsmoke and battle to rival that of the war he’s just escaped. Mr. Pettigrew and Miss Alice, of the Angel Cloud Saloon, befriend him, and soon he’s sitting shotgun in the middle of a smaller, but equally deadly, conflict. And it’s a war no one can win.

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Amazon Reviews

“Mr. Pettigrew by L.J. Martin is one of those books that hooks you from the first page and draws you in closer and tighter, page by page, until the very end”

“A lively, easy read with gun fights, frontier justice (or lack of it),some romance and a good ending”

“The Mr. Pettigrew book is good in many ways. I am as far as can be from a Western expert but I can say I liked turning the pages on this one”

“All I needed was some smells to go with the descriptive writing to make it all seem very real”

“The dialogue is real, touching and humorous, and each paragraph makes me look forward to the next one”







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