“The fools killed his family…then made him a lawman!”


nemesisbigMcBain studied the boy for a long while, then answered.  “I plan to avenge my sister and her family.  I don’t trust the law hereabouts, so I will be judge and jury.”

“And hangman?” he asked, with some encouragement.

“Yes, and executioner.”

“Then we are on the same path.”

“No, Angel.  You’re young.  I’m pretty near used up, in miles if not in years.  You have a lot to live for—“

“I live for my family, now only my brother, and I will avenge mi padre, it is the path I have chosen.”

I looked at him for a long moment, seeing the dedication in his continence.  He meant what he said, but he was only a boy.  “You are but seventeen, Angel.”

He smiled tightly.  “I know my age, Señor.  I kill rabbits on the run, and birds in flight.  I can fade into the brush as well as any Shoshone or Piute.  And I will do this job, for my sainted madre, and my murdered padre.  I will help you, or I will do it alone.”
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Wild and wooly, this western has it all,” FRESH FICTION

Martin’s latest book is a classic tale of Western vengeance and redemption in the L’Amour or Zane Gray tradition!

The story opens with McBain traveling to the dusty town of Nemesis to avenge the deaths of his only remaining family; his sister,two daughters and husband who were murdered by minions of greedy rancher Colonel Mace Dillon.

McBain promptly hits town in time to foil a bank robbery and is rewarded with a post as sheriff. Using this front, he proceeds to hunt down Dillon’s six henchmen with wit, bear traps, and a smart dog sidekick.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and found it to be written well and truly. Dialogue is sprinkled with vernacular such as “lucifers” (matches) and “critters” (any number of two and four-legged specimens).

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To get revenge for the murder of his family, McBain heads into the old towns on a search. He stumbles into a bank robbery in town and is made sheriff for saving the day. He then uses his new found judicial powers to enact his revenge on the 6 men responsible.

Just the awesome vernacular used in this book is enough to warrant a read.

Also, seeking revenge + bear traps = read it!

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What is it about the human psyche that makes revenge so palatable? When one is wronged, cut to the core, by another’s heinous act, then after the grief is put to rest, sets out to right the wrong…it’s almost always a great story. And this one is the epitome of that; it’s the hide-hair-and-bones captivating story that grabs you, shakes you, and only turns you loose when it’s time to expel a deep breath of satisfaction.

When McBain, who’s become a recluse after the horrors of the Civil War, learns that his beautiful sister and her family have been murdered in the most heinous manner, by the atrocity and horror of fire, he mourns; then the mourning behind him, he moves. With only his horse, Dusty; his mule, Jackson; and his dog, Ranger as companions, he packs up. And when McBain is on the move, it will rack your backbone. This is a western you can feel, touch, smell, and hear as the stench of gunsmoke, flash of gunfire, and splatter of blood permeate the land.

Leaving the clean fresh air of the high lonely, where he’s been trapping and living the life of a mountain man, alone and away from the horrors of humanity and troubled only by the occasional grizzly and his nightmares of the war, he saddles up to find those who brought the horror of smoke and fire to his sister and her husband, and his two innocent beautiful nieces. Well armed with a small armory of weapons gleaned from his time on the battlefield, and his traps, he’s a miscreant’s worst nightmare. The closest community to his sister’s former ranch, Nemesis, rests in Nevada’s northern desert, a hell-on-wheels whiskey and whore town on the Transcontinental railroad line. It’s a time of ruthless disregard for all that’s righteous and good, a time of scarce law, and the law that’s available just may be on the wrong side of right.

Arriving just as a bank robbery is underway, and wanting to stay out of the limelight, he’s forced to step in when his horse is threatened, and does so in a manner so decisive he’s invited to become the town marshal. They killed his family, then made him a lawman…a mistake they’ll all rue. When a man welcomes death it seems death avoids him, but not others in his path.

It’s a can’t-put-it-down story that will haunt you long after you’ve reluctantly finished. The hide-hair-and-bones vernacular alone will keep you reading.

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