O’Rourke’s Revenge

O’Rourke’s Revenge

ORourkes Revenge

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From the Emerald fields of Killorglin to the stark landscape of the American Southwest, an Irish family has battled its way through injustice to get a foothold in the new world. And when one of The Kin is in trouble, a dozen men and women are ready to take up the cause. After surviving the most notorious prison in the West, Ryan O’Rourke sets out to settle scores with the men who put him there and winds up back in jail – but this time he is sentenced to die.


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Larry Martin does a great job of bringing the Old West alive with his latest fast-paced novel O’Rourke’s Revenge. It is a real page-turner that you won’t want to put down until the end. Ryan O’Rourke keeps getting deeper and deeper into trouble with seemingly no way out. Larry Martin has done a great job of researching the setting of his story and does an excellent job of character development. For a good Old West yarn, read O’Rourke’s Revenge.

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