Rush to Destiny

Rush to Destiny

In this rousing frontier epic, L. J. Martin breathes life into one of the most exciting periods in American history–and into one of its most extraordinary heroes: Edward Fitzgerald Beale, a man whose hunger for adventure led him to feats of valor on the high seas, in the dense jungles of Rio, the rough frontier towns of Texas, and the bloody battles that would finally herald Alta California into the Union.

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This books presents an intelligent and exciting account of Edward Fitzgerald Beale. This man led a very intriguing life and the author does a brilliant job of articulating each adventure so they blend together in a story line format that seems would be fit for the movie screen.

Tim Tierney: Author, “The P.T. Sales Education Textbook”

“In the tradition of the great biographers comes this tale of a real-life character whose experiences rival many fictional heros. RUSH TO DESTINY belongs in a collection with the finest carefully researched, accurate, and realistic novels.”

Kathy Robin, RAVE REVIEWS, New York, NY

“What a fascinating character Ned Beale was! An intelligent and raucous read!”

David Brown, producer, JAWS and COCOON, New York, NY




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The history of the West is filled with heroic characters largely forgotten in our day — not because they are undeserving, merely because the frontier required so many great men and women we haven’t room for them all in our memories. With RUSH TO DESTINY Larry Jay Martin lifts one such hero out of obscurity and into the limelight of recognition he deserves. Edward F. Beale’s adventures make for fascinating reading. He crosses from one side of the continent to the other repeatedly — by boat, by mule train, by horseback, even aboard a camel. Not only does Beale make history himself, he knows and works with other, more famous pioneers including John C. Fremont, Stephen Watts Kearney, Robert Stockton, and others. Just as fascinating is Beale’s lifelong fued with Norvell Johansen, a fictional character and perfect foil created by the author. All in all, a well-written good read with a lot to teach us about history.

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