Shadow of the Grizzly

Shadow of the Grizzly

Synopsis – Shadow of the Grizzly


In this western , Martin has produced a land-locked, Old West version of Peter Benchley’s Jaws . Chased from its habitat among California’s giant redwoods, a mammoth grizzly worshipped as a bear god by the local Indians goes on a rampage. When the son of the Indians’ chief is killed by the animal, the tribe seeks out Clint Ryan to hunt it down. Although he demurs at first, circumstances force him to join both Indians and other hunters and to go after the bear. With tight plotting, Martin manages to keep the reader’s attention, and series fans should not be disappointed.

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The adventures of John Clinton (Clint) Ryan continue in SHADOW OF THE GRIZZLY. This exciting adventure tells of a magnificent grizzly bear who becomes the target for greed, revenge, and self-preservation. When Clint Ryan finally realizes his dream of a ranch set in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley near Kaweah River, he populates it with forty horses he received for helping Don Carlos Vega. Clint has his hands full getting the ranch on its feet, especially when three mountain men from Tennessee creat havoc trading some “lead” for coffee. He singlehandedly takes on the leader in a fierce fight and sends the scoundrels on their way. Zeke Stokes vows revenge, and the mountain men kill one of Clint’s hired hands on a gold prospecting trek. When Zeke learns of a giant injured grizzly, he and his brothers decide to hunt down the bear for meat, which they intend to sell to the prospectors. They only injure the grizzly, driving him insane and turning him into a dangerous killer. Knowing the circumstances, Clint reluctantly hunts down the great bear after he’s killed a Yocuts chief’s son, a tragedy that threatens Clint’s ranch. When the grizzly also mauls one of his mares and nearly kills again, a fiery end comes to part of the Stokes gang. Zeke gets his due in real western style.


Larry Martin has preformed a masterful job of providing readers with the grizzly’s perspective in this tale eliciting well-deserved sympathy for the plight of the animal. this is yet another fine story about the Old West from a top writer. ~  Johnny Le Bon, Rave Reviews Magazine

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This book is part of the Clint Ryan series, El Lazo, Against the 7th Flag, Devil’s Bounty, The Benicia Belle, and Shadow of the Grizzly.

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