West of the War Hits Number 1!

West of the War Hits Number 1!

I’d like to give a special thanks to all my friends, fans and new readers who drove West of the War to number 1 on Amazon’s Western, Classic Western and Western Genre Fiction Best Seller lists. I am humbled and so appreciative!

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Here’s what people are saying about West of the War

“We personally knew Louis L’Amor, Elmer Kelton, Don Goldsmith and Norman Zollinger, and know and admire Richard Wheeler and Loren Estleman. With West of the War, L.J. Martin puts his works elbow-to-elbow with the Sacketts, Spanish Bit, Mister Skye, Billy Gashade, and Kelton’s Good Old Boys.”
– Michael & Kathleen Gear, NYT Bellselling Authors of The People series.

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