From The Pea Patch

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peapatchFrom The Pea Patch is one country boy’s opinion of, and reporting of, what’s happening outside, inside, and to our country. He considers himself an economic conservative and social liberal in that he is his brother’s keeper so long as his brother (in the broad sense of humanity) is legitimately in need, and not one of those far-too-many on the government tit for greed, not need. His religion is that of the high lonely and his cathedrals are the alpine, above the timber line, and the monuments to and ideas of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. He believes in God, Country, and Family, and in the free enterprise system which has kept the U.S.A. as the go-to country in the world…and he damn sure wants to keep it that way, and feels the responsibility to do so for his children and grandchildren, and yours. Heartfelt, he thinks compassion and political correctness have wormed their way into our society, and the psyche of our citizens, far too deeply, and it’s time we paid heed to common sense for the true common good.



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