My favorite compliment

Rush to Destiny

Rush to DestinyI guess I’m not the only one who thinks RUSH TO DESTINY is my best book!  I just went on Amazon and looked at the 14 reviews posted there—14 out of 14 five stars!  No reviews less than 5 stars.  That, and my two favorite compliments out of 30 years of writing:  “This is a book that belongs in every library” from a review magazine, and “My students learn more California history from Rush to Destiny than from their texts, and love doing it,” from a high school history teacher.  How can a writer not love all the above?  Love it, and be humbled by it.

But, the fact is, it was easy as the protagonist, Ned Beale, had a life that humbled all others from his time.  He was the most unsung, yet accomplished, man from the Manifest Destiny era.  If it wasn’t factual, you’d think his life star-crossed with U. S. Grant, Kit Carson, John Fremont, Stockton, Sherman, Polk, and so many others being an integral and intimate part of the life of Edward Fitzgerald Beale.  No one accomplished more, no one did it with more love of and dedication to responsibility and more love of country.  His life was truly a rush to destiny.  He was America’s quintessential hero.

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L. J. Martin