Shadow of The Mast

Shadow of The Mast

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shadow of the mastShadow of the Mast is a historical adventure set during the horn, hide, and tallow trade in Alta California. Young Sam McCreed is shanghied aboard a brig, a ship he didn’t want to join, on his way to a place he thought he’d never see…driven on by a vicious captain and sadistic first mate. By the time they reach California, Sam is no longer a boy, but a man hardened by ice, sea, and the lash. California, a land that seemed peaceful, becomes a caldron boiling over with hate and resentment. Sam McCreed, now an expert with blade, musket, and reata, is a man on the prowl for vengeance…and he’ll send any man who stands in his way straight to hell.


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Larry Martin puts his character into the epic struggle of early California. Sam (Buck) McCreed grows up fast under the shadow of the mast. The action is fast paced, historically accurate, exciting and easy to follow as Sam makes a new life from the ashes of his old one. Revenge, love, retribution, all are there. You’re gonna enjoy this book.

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