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Synopsis – TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! From acclaimed western author L. J. Martin comes two of his THE KIN series, Wolf Mountain and McKeag’s Mountain. Wolf is peppered with history, based upon a true tale when ranchers risked all to drive 200 head of beef to General Mile’s Cantonment at the confluence of the Tongue and Yellowstone Rivers when he was preparing to run down Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse; McKeag’s is a classic tale of revenge and retribution. If these were print books you’d be getting almost 700 pages of exciting, cant’-put-it-down reading pleasure. And when you love these, there are more in The Kin series, each book standing alone so they don’t have to be read in order.



McKeag’s Mountain by L.J. Martin


“So old man Prager’s got his claws in you too?” McKeag asked accusingly, before accepting the extended handshake. But Silas didn’t answer, and his silence was answer enough.

For old times sake, Dan went ahead and took the banker’s slim hand and shook. But he wasn’t about to let the subject lay, so he pressed.

“Exactly what problem would I have, Silas?”

“You know what problem.”

“You say it. You’re turning me down…so you say it.”

The banker cut his eyes away, then collapsed and leaned way back in his chair. “Dan, there are a half dozen rough cut men in Helena–“

“Seven, I’ve heard.”

“Seven then. Men unknown to us townfolk. Outsiders. Rumor is…they’re here to kill you.”

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Wolf Mountain

Colin took a deep breath before he began, and waited for Norval to stack the firewood, then join them. “Don’t rightly know how it started. I was in bed. Guess they’d just lopped this leg off’n me, and the next thing I knew, Brigid was screamin’ at the top of her lungs. Somebody else was here, but I just can’t remember…”

“And the leg?”

“Gunshot. Damned Hunkpapa. Went green on me. Brigid and this other fellow, whoever the hell it was…. They took the saw to me. But I’ll be damned if I can remember. What I don’t understand is why none of them got out?”

“Well, maybe tomorrow.”

“Don’t matter now,” Patrick offered in a low tone, “they’re all dead.”

“Not Kev. Not Sean,” Norval said, then was silent for a moment. “Sorry about you getting’ shot, Colin. I never shouda followed that yellow bellied cousin of mine out of there.”

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