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The K Factor

Coming 2/1/18


When Mike Reardon, known as the repairman for taking jobs outside the law, is invited to a meeting with the CIA, NSA, and DOD, he knows he’s about to be downrange of ka ka hitting the fan.

All they want is for him to go into North Korea and extract three women; a daughter and granddaughters of NK’s ambassador to China, who wants to defect.  Since he’s the former head of NK’s nuclear program, the U.S. is more than merely interested in him.

“…a knock-down, drag out, no holds barred, ribald tale of treachery and finesse laced with a magical combination of historical accuracy and military acumen…”  Ron Clausen

“I have edited and proofread a lot of military thrillers in my 37+ years career, but none with the abundance of the realistic, authenticating detail of The K Factor.”  Frank Kresen

Revenge of the Damned

Revenge of the Damned Cover

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A lie can be a lynchpin for a hell of a lot worse…at times it can end in a lynching!  When Linc Dolan returns from the Civil War to find his former commanding officer has lied to his intended about his death in battle and then married her, it’s hell to pay.  When a freak early-winter storm finds Linc wounded and sheltered in the cabin of a recently widowed homesteader and her young son, all should be fine… if he wasn’t on the run from the law.  Now, Bama, a black mule skinner Twodogs, a Crow tracker; and Dolan, find themselves an unlikely gang.  Damned by decent folk, hunted by the law, and pursued by Montana’s most deadly man-hunters, they all three are wronged and seek bloody revenge.

L.J. Martin is the author of over 45 book length works from such major NY publishers as Bantam, Avon, and Pinnacle, as well as from Wolfpack Publishing a company he co-founded. His works of fiction include westerns, thrillers, mysteries, and historicals; and of non-fiction include a book on killing cancer (he’s a two time cancer survivor), a cookbook, a how-to book on writing, a book of cartoons, and a political thesis. Many of his recent titles have been best sellers on the Number 1 bookseller in the world, Amazon. He’s also an optioned screenwriter by both an independent producer and an NBC approved producer. He currently has a half dozen novels under option to production companies here and in Germany. His avocations include photography (with over 100 videos on Youtube (see ljmartinwolfpack), cooking (see wolfpackranch.com), travel, gardening, shooting, fishing and hunting.L.J. was formerly a partner and publisher with Wolfpack Publishing LLC, with over 400 books available on Amazon and other sites.  The majority of those have covers designed by L.J.   He lives in Montana with his wife, Kat, a NYT bestselling internationally published author of over 55 historical and romantic suspense novels.  When not writing, the Martin’s travel extensively, both stateside and abroad, gaining new material, making new friends, and enjoying this great world.  They live in Montana in the shadow of that state’s beautiful Sapphire Mountains, on a small horse ranch with the two million acre Lolo National Forest as their backyard, and winter in California near the Santa Barbara channel. L. J. is a member of The Society of Professional Journalists, Mystery Writers of America, Western Writers of America, Western Fictioneers, and Thriller Writers of America.  Accomplished in Western History, he’s available as a speaker on that subject and writing (see his Write Compelling Fiction), and has spoken at several writer’s conferences including Romance Writers of America and the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference.

Connect with L.J. on facebook at L. J.Martin, Larry J. Martin, and The Kitchen at Wolfpack Ranch.

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Mr. Pettigrew


Beau Boone, starving, with half a left leg, at the end of his rope, falls off the train in the hell-on-wheels town of Nemesis. But Mr. Pettigrew intervenes. Beau owes him, but does he owe him his very life? Can a one-legged man sit shotgun in one of the toughest saloons on the Transcontinental? He can, if he doesn’t have anything to lose.

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Order West Of The WarWest Of The War


Young Bradon McTavish watches the bluecoats brutally hang his father and destroy everything he’s known, and he escapes their wrath into the gunsmoke and blood of war. Captured and paroled, only if he’ll head west of the war, he rides the river into the wilds of the new territory of Montana where savages and grizzlies await. He discovers new friends and old enemies…and a woman formerly forbidden to him. Action adventure at it’s best from the author of Nemesis, Mr. Pettigrew, the Montana Series, and many more acclaimed westerns and historicals.


No Good Deed


Going after some ruthless kidnappers, who want NATO’s secrets, is one thing. Going into Russia is another altogether. But when one of Reardon’s crew is being held, he says to hell with it, no matter if he’s risking starting World War 3! Why not add the CIA and the State Department to your list of enemies when your most important job is staying alive hour by hour, minute by minute. Don’t miss this high action adventure by renowned author L. J. Martin. No. 7 in The Repairman series, each book stands alone.


Kat Martin - L J Martin - NYT Best Selling Author NYT bestselling author (and wife) Kat Martin

Kat is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty suspense and  historical novels. Before she started writing in 1985, Kat was a real estate broker.  She is a graduate of the University of Califorina at Santa Barbara where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History.  “I’ve always loved books. I was an avid reader, with any number of my own stories rolling around in my head. Writing them down seemed a logical step.  “I love anything old,” Kat says. “I love to travel and especially like to visit the places where my books are set. My husband and I often stay in out-of-the-way inns and houses built in times past. It’s fun and it gives a wonderful sense of a by-gone era.”

Connect with Kat on her webpage at http://www.katmartin.com, on facebook at Kat Martin and on other social media sites.


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