My very personal story, KILLING CANCER has been updated with a new introduction by Dr. Mark Scholz who I believe is America's best when it comes to prostate cancer, new cover, cover copy by an enthusiastic fan, and some new content. For a very short time you can grab a copy for $.99, as, like me, the publisher wants it available to everyone. Here's the cover copy and a link:

Western and thriller author L.J. Martin never expected to be the victim. But a chilling prostate cancer diagnosis felt like an epic showdown lifted straight from one of his novels. He approached treatment like a well-plotted conclusion, until another terrifying discovery threatened to cut his ending short…

Facing a horrific battle against throat and neck cancer, Martin consulted experts, sought opinions, and researched new-age alternatives. With countless possible interventions available, Martin realized that the only person who could drive the disease from his body… was him.

Killing Cancer is L.J. Martin's frank, real-life account of his fight from the razor's edge to perfect health. Told in a compelling suspense-style narrative, the author lays bare everything you should know about a disease destined to impact every American. Martin's brutally raw and inspirational story won't just save you time; it could save your life.

Killing Cancer is a highly-detailed account of a modern-day approach to treating one of the world's scariest diseases. 

If you like candid conversations, no-fluff info, and positive paths to wellness, then you'll love L.J. Martin's powerful, uplifting memoir.

Buy Killing Cancer today to win the biggest battle of your life. 

About Shadows of Nemesis


When word finally reaches him that his sister and her family have died a horrid death at the hands of a cattle baron and his craven cowhands, Taggart McBain comes down off the mountain with bear traps, a double barrel coach gun, two LeMats, and a Winchester. He's on the hunt. When the task is done and blood soaks the Nemesis, NV desert, he receives a shock—his sister is still alive.

No. 1 Amazon Classic Western Bestseller

Shadows of Nemesis reached No.1 on Amazon's Classic Western Bestseller list, thanks to all you fans and friends of Westerns!  Thanks so much....

25 Five Star Reviews....

Mr. Martin is a master storyteller. In ‘Shadows of Nemesis,’ he weaves a story of vengeance in the old West. Tag McBain is on the hunt for the killers and kidnappers of his family. He soon becomes the hunted. With the genius that comes from Mr. Martin’s digital pen, we have an action-packed, rip-roaring tale of a twisted showdown that will leave you gasping in awe. 

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