If you, or a loved one, has cancer and can't afford the book, email me and I'll send you a copy! God bless you and yours.


Killing Cancer

I'm a two-time cancer survivor and believe in doing all you can to help your docs help you...and staying positive is a good part of that addition to giving your body all it needs to fight.  Forty FIVE STAR REVIEWS on Amazon. *****


Cooking Wild & Wonderful

This is NOT a game cookbook. I started cooking as a young child, cooked my way through college as a fry cook for 1,600 at lunch, had a couple of restaurants, and camp cooked. Cooking's been both vocation and avocation.  I love cooking as it brings friends and family together.  


California Cocina

Needless  to say being a western writer I love history.  This book has lots of quotes from period biographies and journals and is a fun look at how things were done in Old California during a very gracious Spanish and Mexican period.  Aww, the time of the great and gracious California ranchos and their wonderful diverse cocina's (kitchens). This book embraces and celebrates the recipes and dishes of the time before and after the gold rush. Lot's of outtakes from books and observations of the time color and sweeten this look back. Buen provecho, amigos!


Against the Grain

The first 35 years of my working life I was a real estate broker, general contractor, and appraiser, all licensed in California.  In one year I had deals in excess of one hundred million dollars...and this is how it was done.  


Who's the Boss?

It seems almost every counter person I deal with has no idea Who's The Boss.  They don't realize that without that customer, no matter how grumpy, and his dollar, there would be no paycheck.  In fact, no business.  This should be compulsory reading for every employee.


You, Me, and America

We live in the world's greatest country and with God's grace we'll keep her as such.  This little book is a country boys look at our country, and contains the full Constitution of the United States of America.


The Write Stuff

A lot of tips on writing from talks I've given to many writer's groups and conferences over the years.


Cornucopia - Building a Greenhouse

There's little more satisfying that being able to walk a few steps and return with tomatoes that taste like tomatoes and fresh greens--none of which are  poisoned with herbicides and pesticides.

Some fun and some money making stuff!