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Shadows of Nemesis

A Taste of Shadows of Nemesis

An Excerpt

It's been months since I took retribution on a half dozen no-goods, and I now pray they rot in a hot hell due to my administration of hot lead, a blade or two, and a bear trap. And I know them that disagree with a fella settling his own grudges are of a mind to stretch my matter the right of it. I know by the posters peppering the landscape.

It's damn nigh impossible to lay low when posters dot the landscape and when, no matter, you are driven to find kin who've been badly treated and have fallen on hard times. You can't question folks in order to find your baby sister, now three decades old, and stay out of sight of folks who might recognize your likeness.

Otherwise I'd be in the high lonely, where no one but deer, elk, raptors, and the good Lord, would know my presence.

My third morning in the town of Stink, one of three mining towns on the headwaters of the Owyhee River in southern Idaho Territory—and I’ve been here too long, resting up, licking my wounds. 

The sister city of Reek and another called Commotion lie in a triangle with Stink, each about five miles from the other. The ones with smelly connotations to their names are so named due to the proximity of hot sulfur springs near enough to occasionally wrinkle the nose of inhabitants.  But only on occasion when the wind doesn’t favor. The towns weren’t laid out due to their olfactory pleasure, but rather due to silver and gold discoveries, mostly now played out. Tailings from hard-rock mines and placer digs surround all three towns, some in humps as high as buildings.

I’m going to make the rounds of Stink one more time asking about my missing sister before I move on, so tie up Rusty, my gray with unusual sorrel 'rust' spots on his chest, and Jackson, my mule, in front of the town’s busiest saloon. I’ve found that one must ask more than one time to get honest answers, particularly when men are busy with other tasks, like gambling and swilling. And when I get answers, it’s oft times answers to questions I wish I didn’t have to ask and answers I wish I hadn’t received. I haven’t been well greeted in this establishment, but don’t give a damn. It’s difficult to get a miner’s attention when he’s admiring the cleft of a generous bosom.

It’s answers I want, not comradery, so I care little how I’m greeted. It’s answers I need no matter how it might redden my cheeks.

The smart-alecky, plate-round-face, with the bulbous nose and ears a half-inch thick, is sitting-shotgun on the far end of the bar, away from the bat-wing doors. He looks a mite ridiculous with a bowler hat perched too high on his fat, but thin haired, liver spotted noggin. As I approach, elbowing through drovers and miners, he’s eying me like I’m something sticking to the bottom of his boot after he’s crossed the corral, so I’m not surprised at his obnoxious greeting. 

He wastes no time and curls a lip at me, then snarls, “Ain't this the third time...the third night in a asked about that whore. The hell of it is, saddle tramp, you don't look like you could buy a single goober if'n they was a buck a barrel, much less invest in a poke off'n one of our soiled doves.” The fat man cuts his eyes away and spits a well-gnawed chunk of chaw into the spittoon near the base of his stool, then rearranges the scattergun across his fir-tree-trunk size thighs with one hand while backhanding the dribble off his chin with the other.

It seems I must adjust his attitude.

Action Adventure & Crime Novels

The Repairman Series

Former Recon-Marine Mike Reardon, known as The Repairman, as he'll take jobs the police nor the fed can or will touch.

The K Factor by L. J. Martin, action adventure novel, ebook, paperback

The K Factor - Sink the Pueblo

The North Korean ambassador to China wants to defect, and we want him.  The problem, NK holds families hostage when diplomats or dignitaries travel.  Mike, go get his daughter and granddaughters!

Overflow by L. J. Martin, action adventure novel, ebook and paperback.


When you use explosives you have no idea who might be caught in the overflow.  Terrorists believe Las Vegas is sin city, and destroy it they must.  Now all he has to do is stay alive...tough when friends become enemies and enemies far worse, and when you’re on top the FBI and LVPD’s list. 


Judge, Jury, Desert Fury

Some favors just have to be repaid, so when his old commander asks Mike Reardon to go into the jaws of hell, Afghanistan, to rescue a couple of his guys, private contractors, Mike can't say no. Of course a payoff of several million makes the task more tempting. But this time Mike will have to use all the Corps taught him, plus some dirty tricks of his own to get anyone out alive.


Target Shy & Sexy

This time it’s a beautiful country western singer who he worked for once before...and he should have learned. Her sleazy manager is tangled up with some bent nose boys, and they’re in deep ka ka with some hard ass Albanians, who don’t care who repays the 15 mil they’re owed. All Mike knows is his client is not going to pay with her life. The hell of it is, will Mike and his Marine Corps buddies pay with theirs?


No Good Deed

Going after some ruthless kidnappers, who want NATO,s secrets, is one thing...going into Russia is another altogether. But when one of Reardon's crew is being held, he says to hell with it, no matter if he's risking starting World War 3! Why not add the CIA and the State Department to your list of enemies when your most important job is staying alive hour by hour, minute by minute.

who's on top by l. j. martin, action adventure, ebook, paperback. thriller

Who's On Top?

Mike Reardon, the repairman, thinks he's in for an easy gig, finding and returning the daughter of a billionaire for a fat fee. How wrong can one guy be? The eco-terrorists she's joined up with are much more than they seem...and murder and holding the whole country ransom is on their agenda.


The Bakken

Got a problem? Mike Reardon, the repairman, can fix it. And Owens-McKittrick, whose V.P. is Mike's old CO from Iraq, has a problem. Dope dealers run rampant in America's hottest new oilfield, the Bakken, and it's costing them almost a million a year in accidents, off time, and workmen's comp premiums. Mike Readon, as a Marine, was taught to search and destroy, now he's got to do what he knows! Acclaimed action adventure writer L. J. Martin brings you the ultimate kick ass fiction...don't pick this one up unless you've got time to read cover to cover.


G5 Gee Whiz

This time it's a stolen fifty million dollar G5, the ultimate in business aircraft...and it's not a common thief who's the culprit, but an Air Force colonel with lots of firepower at his command. Mike Reardon and his buddies have their work cut out for them, and this time it takes them to the heart of South America.


The Repairman

Got a problem? Mike Reardon, the repairman, can fix it. Your son in debt to his dope dealer? Your captain steal your plane or boat? Someone put a hit on you? Mike Readon, as a Marine, was taught to search and destroy, now he's got to do what he knows! Acclaimed action adventure writer L. J. Martin brings you the ultimate kick ass fiction...don't pick this one up unless you've got time to read cover to cover.

The Repairman Series has hundreds of 5 Star reviews on Amazon.  I hope you'll give any of them a try!

More Action Adventure - Crime

crime, action, adventure, Santa Barbara, ebook

Crimson Hit (screenplay available)

"....knows crime and how to write about won't put this one down." Elmore Leonard

Dev Shannon lives the good life, on a boat in Santa Barbara harbor, but he pays dearly from time to time, as he's one of America's finest man-hunters, a bounty hunter, and there's plenty of customers out there to hook up and haul in.

action, adventure, bounty hunter, murder, las vegas, santa barbara, ebook

Quiet Ops

When billionaire Grenwald Stanton calls to report his beautiful twin daughters have been 'ruffied' and hooked on heronie by rapper Jo Jo Bling and that he'll pay large for their return, Brad and his boys, T-Rex and Cocoa are on the hunt, and his main lady bounty hunter, Monique, is in the middle of it all. Then when Stanton is kidnapped without paying, ka ka hits the fan. From gold plated Montecito to the gator and snake filled swamps of Florida, it's a manhunt.

action, adventure, ebook, L.A., Montana


Jonas Cable is living exactly the life he a cabin on a lake in Montana. But a letter from a daughter he wasn't allowed to see changes all that in a heartbeat. He has a grandson he didn't know about, and his daughter pleads with him to get the 14 year old boy out of the hood. Does he owe her anything? 


Bullet Blues

Say something interesting about your business here.



Snake venom can be used to cure...or kill. Dex Reno leaves the Navy Shore Patrol thinking he's taking a cushy job as a campus cop at problem bigger than panty raids and peeping toms...boy, is he in for a surprise. Dope's sold, bullets fly, and snakes slither...not to speak of the distractions of a T & A wonderland. For laughs, shivers, and hot, hot moments, enjoy Venomous.

Stand-Alone Contemporaies

Not to many years ago I did $100,000,000.00 in real estate transactions in on year.

Much of that boardroom and back room drama is in these novels!



From the boardroom to the bedroom David Drake intends to get what he wants, but some of the country's most powerful and vindictive men stand in his way...and they must have what David wants, no matter the cost. Revenge is a powerful motive, and sometimes winning is the sweetest....


Blood Lines

So what? An ancient dusty document found in a hidden cave beneath Manhattan...which will open a fight for the very life of a people. Steve Drum must make right centuries old wrongs, and stay alive while doing it, for there are forces larger and more evil than the worst New York has seen. Here's an action-adventure-thriller, full of romance, like you've never seen before.

Westerns & Historicals


Revenge of the Damned

A lie can be a lynchpin for a hell of a lot worse…at times it can end in a lynching! When Linc Dolan returns from the Civil War to find his former commanding officer has lied to his intended about his death in battle, and then married her, it’s hell to pay. When a freak early-winter storm finds Linc wounded and sheltered in the cabin of a recently widowed homesteader and her young son, all should be fine…if he wasn’t on the run from the law.


West of the War

Young Bradon McTavish watches the bluecoats brutally hang his father and destroy everything he's known, and he escapes their wrath into the gunsmoke and blood of war. Captured and paroled, only if he'll head west of the war, he rides the river into the wilds of the new territory of Montana where savages and grizzlies await. He discovers new friends and old enemies...and a woman formerly forbidden to him. 



The fools killed his family...then made him a lawman. This wild and wooly western, in the Louis L'amore tradition, comes from renowned author L. J. Martin, whose over 20 novels have brought compelling reading to so many. McBain, broken and beaten from the Civil war, is reluctant to return to his family, as a snake dwells in his belly and he can't get the images out of his mind...until he learns his sister and her family have been murdered. Then it's retribution time.


Mr. Pettigrew

Nearly starved, missing half a leg, Beau Boone stumbles out of a cattle car into the hell on wheels Transcontinental Railroad town of Nemesis, and into gunsmoke and battle to rival that of the war he's just escaped. Mr. Pettigrew and Miss Alice, of the Angel Cloud Saloon, befriend him, and soon he's sitting shotgun in the middle of a smaller, but equally deadly, conflict. And it's a war no one can win.



John Tenkiller got his name in the usual way...from his father. What was unusual was how seriously he took it. This is a classic western filled with suspense, and an underlying romance. In the Louis L'Amour tradition.


Mojave Showdown

The Mojave is out of Sheriff Ned Cody's jurisdiction, but his two best friends are barely alive, and in the hands of a desert madman...and Cody is willing to ride into the depths of hell itself to bring them back alive. The lawman will either rule the desert sands, or be buried in them. Mojave Showdown, another L. J. Martin classic western in the Louis L'Amour tradition.


Eye for Eye

They thought his Mexican wife was a squaw...and meant only to shame, but killed instead. Quint Reagan hung up his badge, sold his ranch, and with a Smith and Wesson Russian, two Colt's, a Winchester and a coach gun went on the hunt. The Triple R had a hundred riders...but he only wanted to tack the hide of seven to the outhouse wall but the powerful owner was one of them. Sometimes revenge is the best medicine for a broken heart.


O'Rourke's Revenge

"A good solid fist-slinging, gunslinging read." Bill Johnstone
Ryan O'Rourke survived the most notorious prison in the West, and he's now out to settle the score with those who put him there, or die trying. And the only way O'Rourke will go down is while enforcing his own brand of justice.


McCreed's Law

To catch an outlaw, hire an outlaw...then get the hell out of the way! Gone, a shipment of gold from the Transcontinental. Found, one man who has the skill motivation, and courage to track down the mad dogs who hit the train. Kane McCreed knows the country, it's savages, and it's outlaw hideouts. With a score to settle and a woman from his past at risk, McCreed plans to lay down his own brand of the law...and it matters little who dies in the process. Another L. J. Martin action adventure western full of fists, gun smoke, and blood.



Shadow of the Mast

When young Sam McCreed is shanghied he awakens aboard a California-bound hide, horn, and tallow brig. A ship he didn't want to join, on his way to a place he thought he'd never see...driven on by a vicious captain and sadistic first mate. By the time they reach the Pacific, Sam is no longer a boy but a young man hardened by ice, sea, and lash. A California that seemed a peaceful land becomes a caldron boiling over with danger and resentment. And Sam McCreed, now an expert with blade, musket, and reata, is a man on the prowl for vengeance...and he'll send any man who stands in his way straight to hell.


Blood Mountain

One man ruled the mountainside - and made a deal with the would-be railroad's competitors. If Simon Striker could stop the steel tracks, he could earn a fortune. Now a brawling, quarrelling crew of immigrant railroad workers - Chinese, Irish and Polish - are about to be swept into a death trap in the mountain. And as Striker unleashes his landslide of terror, treachery and murder, a tough Irishman and sword-wielding Chinese fighter are going after him - in a battle of courage and cunning on a mountain stained with blood.


Rush to Destiny

RUSH TO DESTINY is based on the early life of the west's most quintessential hero, Edward Fitzgerald Beale. Ned Beale crossed the country horseback 13 times, he was the hero of the Battle of San Pasqual, the leader of the great camel experiment, carried the first evidence of the California gold rush to congress, fought the slave trade, was an Indian agent in California, and so much more. Beale's exploits eclipsed those of Fremont, Stockton, Custer, and even Kit Carson's, who said of Beale, "I can't believe this man, Ned Beale." My finest compliment as an author came from a California high school history teacher who said, "my students learn more California history from your book than from all their texts, ...and love doing it." Don't miss the adventures of this true hero.

Hope you'll give my novels a try!