Montana - Big Sky Country

Blessed to live in the best of both worlds!


I wake up with a silly grin every morning with a beautiful woman by my side in a beautiful place.  Can't ask for more!

The back yard, a great place for friends and family


We've had some wonderful gatherings here, the last one with my chuckwagon cooking for 50 or so.

What a view!


Montana's beautiful Sapphire Mountains, where Rock Creek joins the Clark Fork River.

Our Greenhouse - Fresh Clean Chow

Check out this great video

Ventura - On the Keys

296 Homes are on the keys off Ventura Harbor.

It's seals and sea birds to enjoy!  Where in Montana it's deer, turkey, ospreys and baldies.

Our back yard is the Key.


We bought one of few of the key houses without a dock, and spent 3 years getting one approved and built.

The view up the key.


Always something happening on the key, boats passing, seals, pelicans...